bath time

This little girl had just been given a bath. Mom had mostly dried her off and the final drops of water were disappearing to the afternoon sun. And, like always, it is her smile the caught me.

shared smiles in marsabit

This was not a legendary trip to Marsabit, but it was a good trip. No stuck vehicles or flat tires or going deep into the desert. But we were able to make it to Marsabit town, which was cut off to us by flooded roads on our last trip. There will be more about this trip later, but for now I wanted to share two photos of smiles I shared. This woman was so full of life -I hope her smile pulls you in too.

biking water home

Although his jerry can was full and it was loaded onto his bike, he stood by the well watching as I talked with people. A  quiet observer, he was willing to share a smile with me and the camera before I left.


Meet Lily. I met her at a well and her smile captured me. When I asked to take her picture, she looked at her clothes and felt embarrassed – she was dirty as she just come from working in the fields. But, I said, your face is beautiful. She agreed to the portrait. I am glad to say that seeing her portrait on the view screen of my camera also made her smile.

hidden smile

I promise that under her hand is a huge smile. I promise. A little while later she was leading the other children in games and, more than once, threw her head back as her laughter filled the air. I love smiles and laughter, and Nabopu was no exception.