let’s provide safe water together

Remember the Blogivation competition and how you entered your email address into a widget to vote for my blog? Well, P&G has decided to step up again and enable us to come together to provide more safe water. This is not a competition amongst each other – now we get to come together as bloggers and readers to work towards 100,000 days of safe water by the end of the year. There are four ways that you can help:

  • Enter your email address into this widget every day – each vote is 1 day of safe water. (Do not forget to confirm your vote by clicking the ‘confirm link’ in the email you receive after voting.)
  • Go to Changents and sign up for a widget for your own blog. Spread the word – get people to vote here or on your blog every day.
  • If you use the ‘share’ buttons on the widget, that will provide another day of safe water.
  • Vote while at work or school and ask your colleagues, friends, and family to come over and vote each day while you have this site open.

When I last talked to Changents, they said their goal was 100,00 days of safe water – and they would be thrilled if I could rally people towards reaching most of that goal. By the end of the blog competition you had worked together provide just under 9,000 days of clean water by voting on my website alone – nearly half of what was provided by everyone voting. Do you think we could rally together? If we did, I believe through our efforts alone we could get close to that number – well before P&G is anticipating. You can check the progress here progress bar. We are entering the season of giving – let’s give our time and energy to provide safe water today. On Monday I head to Kenya for a few days to see some of the projects that will be impacted by this water. I cannot wait to share this journey with you!