dew on flowers

I found these flowers covered in dew the morning I was in Maralal – the last morning of my journey through Northern Kenya.

a new academic year

Next week the campus here at Notre Dame will be flooded with students with the start of a new academic year. This means that my students (a.k.a. ‘My Girls’) will be back. Along with the joy of them come 8,000 other undergrads. It also signals the start of another football season. Some of the changes about to take place on campus include:

  • Parking lots being filled. The new challenge: beating all the off campus students showing up for 8:30 class.
  • Gym being filled beyond capacity at my favorite times. Time to reorganize my schedule…but who wants to get sweaty in the middle of the day?
  • All facilities (ok…specifically gym, pool, and restaurants) will be open longer hours. The next time I have to be in the lab at midnight and get hungry, I will have options beyond the vending machine.
  • The many perfectly manicured lawns on campus will be filled with sunbathing girls and football playing boys. May the flirtation begin…better than TV.
  • A higher energy level will begin to pulse through the air on campus in large part thanks to the combination of overly excited freshman. It is amazing how long freshmen look.
  • I will refrain from all football commentary until a later date. Just know that we have not 5 or 6 home games this year, but 7.
  • The finishing touches are being put on the lawns. Fresh mulch put down, grass fertilized, and flowers in full bloom. My guess is that there is a multi-million dollar endowment for the lawns. Here are a few pictures taken yesterday morning outside of my building.