a surfing weekend


pam surfing

Moving to the Central Coast of California means that surfing, a sport I had never considered doing, has suddenly been an easy and obvious hobby. I have not been on the water for months. In the fall the waves were mostly just beating me up and, when combined with cooler air temperatures, I lacked the motivation to make it happen. Then yesterday was a surfing day with friends, and it was absolutely perfect. Not only did I get to surf and play in the water for a couple of hours (where the waves were perfect for a beginner), I got to help a special friend, Silas, surf. What a perfect way to kick off a birthday weekend. And now I am off to Scotland for a week in a castle with my family. Hard to beat this. I hope your spring is filled with fun and laughter.silas surfing

celebrating with family and friends

As I mentioned in my last post, I celebrated my 30th. Not just one night, but, well… the celebrations continued for a couple of weeks. All because I have amazing family and friends who helped me celebrate and are always up for some fun. Here are a couple of highlights.

Four friends + one lake-side cabin = hours of relaxed fun.

We had amazing food – including this apple pie in the deep dish apple pie plate that was made for me. More about it another time. And the games. Oh the games we played.

Boys will be boys. Apparently this rock needed to be pushed, hauled, and otherwise shoved into the lake. It made a big splash. And they gave each other a high five.

Then Joel and I went rappelling off a 120 foot cliff. Stunning and awesome.

Right before we got to the Stone Door to go rappelling, we had care problems. So, while rappelling (and here playing with the ascender), we talked to more than a couple friends to be rescued. A rural Tennessee adventure (really not that different than an African adventure) later we got home that night.

Then I celebrated with my siblings. Happy moments being around the same table and playing together. Next time I will be sure and get our (most awesome) sibling additions into the photo. I am so thankful I love my brothers’ wife and wife-to-be!

We went rock climbing at the nation’s largest climbing gym, Stone Summit, which just happens to be in Atlanta. We adults had fun, but the cutest thing by far was my nephew, Liam (aka Thumper), who did his best to copy us.

And then there were the “Happy Birthday’s” by text, phone, email and card as well as packages in the mail. Thank you everyone for helping me celebrate the beginning of my 30’s!


A few weeks ago I went to Atlanta to celebrate my birthday with my siblings. My brother’s lovely girlfriend, LL, took these pictures while we were wandering around the beautiful cemetery. Someday I will write on laughter; I think it is music for the soul. Until then, a few photos.

whipping cream

Originally written on 8 February 2008, but the internet was down…

Last Saturday was Mom’s birthday. In discussing birthday presents this year, us kids decided that, although Mom does very little cooking anymore, she does a lot of serving of people. So we had a bit of fun rounding up some particularly fun serving items: a 20 inch pepper grinder, a whipped creamer, and a fresh parmesan cheese grater.

The whipped creamer is of particular note as it has been a source of much fun and laughter this week. You fill it with heavy cream and powdered sugar, attach the little canister of condensed air, shake three times, and voila, whipped cream. Only thing is that if you pull the trigger too fast, it can get a little violent, including shooting through a pancake.