a gold star

Today I had a series of shots in my mouth. It began with numbing gel on a very long q-tip stuck in the left side of my mouth and ended with me hardly able to drink a smoothie from a straw – TWO HOURS after the actual dental wok was done. Yes, I do realize that it has been 20 days since I had a real post. I know that I should be writing about Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, good times visiting friends in the Seattle area, having my phone jolt me into awareness at 4:30am by a Kenyan phone number that did not bother to leave a voicemail, taking a nap in the conference room at work, and about the extremely cultural experience at a local bar. I should also be sharing recipes for baklava and lasagna. But right now my mouth is sore and I am not thrilled about the future. 

Not thrilled because needing a crown means that I have two more appointments coming up – March 12 and April 2. I have, in the past, convinced dentists to not shoot my mouth up with numbing agents for less minor work. There was NO negotiating today. Which means that when they were drilling, I turned my personal TV and headset up high and was distracted by the West Wing. Which was great. Except that in the following hours I felt like an idiot when attempting to talk, was worried about slobbering smoothie down my sweater, and, yes, my mouth is still sore. From the shots. Ok…maybe the drilling and clamps are partially responsible. Maybe. 

All that to say that I feel like I deserve gold star when I go to the dentist office for anything more than a cleaning and do not squirm, cry, or bite the dentist hand off when I am getting those dreaded shots. If all goes well, I will deserve such a star in March and April too. If it does not go well, let’s just hope I am only squirming. 

pita bread

Today, thanks to a colleague, I discovered a little hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean restaurant. Which means that, for the first time since arriving in Nashville, I had really good pita bread. When I asked if they would sell me some of the pita bread, the owner said sure, but it was kind of expensive. Matter of fact, he said I could buy pita at a store for about a $1, but he had to charge me $10 for the bag. I said that was just fine because the other pita was not the same – it would not be as good. As he rang up my bag of pita bread, he decided to charge me $8. And tonight I had one of my favorite comfort foods – a melted cheese sandwich made with pita bread. It was perfect.