happy father’s day! — 17 june

Just in case you have not had the chance to meet my dad, I think he is pretty cool. We share a love of the ocean and just about everything attached to it. He is wonderfully patient, and loves to listen to stories and the general noise associated with fun. He is supportive of all of my crazy endeavors. The list goes on, but you get the idea. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

the approaching retirement

Over four and a half years ago RA and I bought our first Chaco’s before we headed to the DR for Christmas. It was a grand purchase. Not long before this trip, I noticed that the sole on my right shoe had cracked. Ok…so when I get back, I’ll send them into get resoled. No big deal. Well…I recently examined them a bit more carefully. The shoe bed on inside edge of the left one is seriously scuffed. You can see all the wear spots on the straps as the blue and red innards of the webbing are showing. I think this will be the last big trip for my Chaco’s. It will be fun to find a new pair, but I do not look forward to breaking them in. However, the current ones have probably only lasted this long due to the very long Indiana winters during which they stay hidden away at the back of my closet. One of the students traveling with me asked if I would bury them. No way!! They are going into retirement after this trip—you never know when a worthy cause will pull them out of retirement.

footrests — 28 may

Most people complain about airplane seats being closer and closer together. Not that I am a fan of this trend—particularly as it kills one’s ability to recline the seats very far, but I do not find this to be a problem for my short legs. The problem that most seem to completely overlook is how far the seats are from the ground. While this is not an issue for all of you with longer legs, it is amazingly uncomfortable and not good on the legs for us short ones. So my question is this: which airlines have footrests in economy class? I have just started creating a list of good and bad airlines based on whether or not they have footrests from my recent travels. My bad list includes Delta, Northwest, and American Airlines. The good list currently includes Air France and Emirates. A frivolous list to many, it will be appreciated by some.