for the love of complex foods

This week my gi tract has not been my best friend. Further descriptions of this were written, but are now erased; I easily forget what is considered acceptable conversation by most people. Suffice it to say that now everything stays in, but my stomach cramps whenever I eat. (On a side note, this is supposed to happen when I am in the African bush not in a city in the Midwest, US of A.) This means that my diet has been reduced to simple carbs. I thought I could enjoy this for a while. It makes food easy to prepare and I don’t have to feel bad about having toast for dinner. But the doc also said no dairy and to stay away from fiber.

This means that the pork tenderloins I bought are now in the freezer, that the spaghetti squash is uncooked, and the wonderful veggies from the farmer’s market remain in the drawer of my fridge. No spicy black beans or stir fried veggies. No fresh tomato sauce. The leftover pear apple cobbler from Sunday dinner remains uneaten.

Tonight I mixed up my diet and had white pancakes with syrup. No whole wheat pancakes with bananas and pecans.

Today I found a recipe for zucchini pear soup. I can’t wait to feel good again.

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