review: walking on water

Title: Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art

Author: Madeline L’Engle

Genre: creative nonfiction

Form: paperback

Recommended: definitely

Thoughts: To L’Engle, art and faith are inseparable – and through this book she winds the two together in such a way that it is at once explanation of the creative process and devotional. To everyone who is an artist, this book will sing to your soul. If you want to understand an artist, this book will open up their world. This is one I will reread until it falls apart. 

4 Replies to “review: walking on water”

  1. Seriously? That’s it? Nothing about her philosophy on art for children? Nothing about her use of the quote about art creating cosmos from chaos? Nothing about how this has been the foremost book shaping who I am as an artist who believes in God? Nothing about the discussion of what is a Christian artist and the delicious way she sidesteps it because it’s a non-question? Nothing about the sacramental nature of art? How by creating, we image God? Nothing about how all art, not just writing, was a daily part of L’Engle’s soul?

    Hmm. Or perhaps you knew that I would leave a comment that would do all these things for you, seeing as it’s one of my favorite books and all. 🙂

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