mandatory immunization deadline

An email I received on Friday from the ND health services started out like this, “Our records show that you have not met all the mandatory immunization requirements for the State of Indiana. Please reply to this email so that we can tell you specifically what you are missing.
If you do not meet the state requirements, there will be a hold placed on your student account.”

Half way through the email I started laughing so loud that my office mates asked if I was ok. I am one of probably only a handful of students at ND that checks her immunization record yearly for far more immunizations than required by the state of Indiana. My “yellow card” not only has extensions added to it deal with all of the immunizations I have had since birth, but it resides in an envelope that lays out which series are complete and when I need my next immunization for certain diseases. At ND I have to get my malaria prophylactic prescription from the travel nurse; she now knows me by name and has stopped checking to make sure my immunizations are up to date.

The email ended, “If you feel you have received this email in error, please email us.”

Yes, I thought I had received the email in error and rapidly shot off a response to that end. However, it seems that they never got notification that I had updated my tetanus immunization three years ago, and needed the documentation. Tetanus vaccines are good for 10 years…unless your wound is a “dirty wound,” at which point it expires after 7 years. Needless to say, I stick by the 7 year requirement and so was 3 years ahead of Indiana requirements. I guess I should be thankful that the good ol’ state of Indiana, in combination with ND, are trying to stay on top of one aspect of my health…

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