human frogger

As I left my office this morning to relocate for a few hours of work elsewhere (ok…where the coffee is plentiful and the large windows look onto a lawn rather than the law school), I made a poor choice: I left during the change of classes. You would think that as I am in year five here, I would have learned better. My excuse is that it is Monday morning and it was “pre-coffee”.

The main classroom building is on one side of my building and most of the dorms are located on the other side of my building; the change of classes finds a steady stream of people in either direction. Attempting to cross this stream of people requires careful examination of the situation as you have to make sure that the timing will be right to make it all the way across not just part way; attempting to get students to stop or make way for you is like trying to dam a raging river with a pebble. Honest. Every time this happens I think of Frogger, that beautifully simplistic game from the early 80’s. If you need a break today, you should play a game of Frogger and use your imagination to replace the various obstacles with ND students carrying books, flirting with their neighbors, and talking on cell phones.

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