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In amongst other travel, I have four fabulous camping trips this summer, three of them still ahead of me. Next week I am celebrating a decade of friendship with three friends   plus two significant others who we also love. As locations and menus and equipment lists have flown across email inboxes, I have been reminded of my childhood camping trips. 

Back in the day mom and dad did all of the planning and we participated. Certain foods were pre-made and plenty of peanut butter and jelly was packed (also on next week’s menu). Camping equipment was pulled out and off we went. Not to a camp site with a number, running water, and electrical outlets. We expected to have beaches to ourselves, to bring in all the water we planned to use, to entertain ourselves for days, and to be tired of PB&J’s by the time we left. On the Sinai we brought every ounce of shade we  would have on beaches with no trees, in Fiji we would load our gear onto our boat to go to deserted islands, and in Jordan we abandoned tents to sleep on the rocks under the night sky. 

Along the way there were a few classic mishaps when items were forgotten. In Jordan we abandoned tents, but in Fiji they were helpful items to have. On one trip we forgot the tents (and the towels) in the car. Rather than abandon the trip, we slept under the clear night sky. And in the morning I found out what heavy dew is – it felt like it had rained. In Jordan once we forgot the two pots we normally cook in. A good 4 hours from home, we came up with an innovative solution – we used Saltana’s (our German Shepard) food and water bowls, which were made of metal. So yes, my family has literally shared dishes with the family dog. And it was a fantastic trip. 

I have no idea what mishaps might happen during the upcoming camping trips, but I do know that in spite of, or even because of, them, I will have a glorious time.

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  1. Hmmm. I also remember setting up the tents at low tide in Fiji. Then waking up and moving them to higher ground. Then waking up and moving them to higher groung, and then once more waking up and moving them to higher ground. Ah the good ol’ days.

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