i fear

I fear that I am well on my way to becoming an eccentric professor. Yesterday I stopped by the department office to see if they had some packing tape on hand. I told the secretaries that they would laugh when they found out why I wanted the tape, and they did. You se, I needed to fix the cover of my notebook as it was about to fall off. Not just any notebook, but my large “Bloc-Note”, a type of notebook that I buy in Benin and rater love. It is filled with random work and is rather the prefect work notebook. Not to mention, the last large “Bloc-Note” I brought back with me.

As I was fixing the cover of this beloved notebook, my pen came to mind. I like the “Pilot Dr. Grip Gel”, and Office Max is kind enough to special order my “Very Fine Blue” ink cartridges at no extra cost. People argue for the look of black ink, but black ink disappears on the endless photocopies and print outs with which I work. My students know that “accidentally” taking said pen would be disastrous to my day.

Notebooks from Benin. Pens with special order ink cartridges. To think that I do not intend to be a professor—at least not soon…

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