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A week later and the trip is just about done. I have a few more hours with mom and dad before they leave tonight and then I leave tomorrow night. Since last writing we had several days in village, I said a tearful goodbye to my dear friends there, we travelled most of the way north, then back down again, did a few tours of historical areas, and had a fantastic 24 hrs at a nice beach resort. Over the next day I hope to write a few blogs with pictures to give you a snapshot into all that has transpired during this trip, and will post them as soon as I land myself in the US of A. Thanks all for following me with this last journey through Benin. Much more to come on Friday…

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  1. Have a safe trip back! Hopefully we’ll get to come out and see you sometime soon and see all your pictures! We’ll look forward to hearing all about the trip! I’m so glad you got to have a little get away time with your parents too! Love you bunches!

  2. slacker… its friday, where’s them purty pictures?

    you know you missed me, cause i missed you.

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