random conversations

RC: My feet do not get clean until I return to the States.
PC: Do you use your lofa on them when you shower?
RC: Ewww. It touches the rest of my body. Why would I do that?
PC: Because it has soap on it.
LS: It tastes like sweat. (Of oral rehydration salts.)
SR: Good ting I have low rise pants on. ( Due to the effects of dinner
expanding in her stomach after drinking some water…)
Of cheese just boiled, that had previously been sitting on the ‘kitchen’
LS: And then it will go back to being unrefridgerated?
RC: No….then we will get electricity and a fridge.
Describing her junior high crush…..
SR: He was sooo popular… and once he gave me a Milky Way!
While reviewing some data….
PC: I bet you didn’t know you could have a pH of a 100.
LS: What is the difference between ‘por favor’ and ‘s’il vous plait’?
RC: Ummm…..’por favor’ is Spanish?

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