pita bread

Posted by pamela on Feb. 05, 09 | 3 COMMENTS

Today, thanks to a colleague, I discovered a little hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean restaurant. Which means that, for the first time since arriving in Nashville, I had really good pita bread. When I asked if they would sell me some of the pita bread, the owner said sure, but it was kind of expensive. Matter of fact, he said I could buy pita at a store for about a $1, but he had to charge me $10 for the bag. I said that was just fine because the other pita was not the same – it would not be as good. As he rang up my bag of pita bread, he decided to charge me $8. And tonight I had one of my favorite comfort foods – a melted cheese sandwich made with pita bread. It was perfect.

3 Responses to “pita bread”

  1. chris Says:

    That is the best comfort food ever.

  2. SaraH Says:

    What kind of cheese?

  3. pamela Says:

    On that particular day, Muenster. But I am not really all that particular.

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