mac ‘n cheese

In the South, mac ‘n cheese is not just something you feed to kids and it does not just come out of a box. It is soul food and it is artisan food. Here, you don’t mess with mac ‘n cheese, and you certainly don’t look down on anyone who orders some when out for dinner. Instead, you smile–because now you too can order mac ‘n cheese without looking like you do not have any taste. 

So, last weekend my brother and his girlfriend participated in a mac ‘n cheese cook-off party. And they won. 

They brilliantly started with the “Best Mac ‘N Cheese Ever,” the winner of Emeril’s Mac ‘N Cheese search. You can find that recipe plus a whole bunch more here. Then they made a few modifications:

• use extra, extra sharp cheddar (gives more of a cheesy vs just creamy taste- I found my cheeses at trader joes)
• cut up bacon into little bits before you cook it (saves fingers from grease burns when attempting to crumble later)
• we used less gruyere and more cheddar
• we used about 3/4 of the milk suggested
• use Japanese Bread Crumbs called Panko (I think they sell them in most grocery stores) rather than hohum western bread crumbs
• finally, I added cheddar to the topping as well- I like cheddar that much 😉

Ok people…that’s it. Now go and embrace mac ‘n cheese in all of its glory. Don’t laugh–just embrace.

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