le pili pili

Day two and we are still on track, and I am feeling spoiled with the internet acess.

Last night I made a request to go to Le Pili Pili, a nice local restaurant that has fantastic grilled fish with the special ‘pili pili’ marinade. The type of fish you ask? The type that tasted good and had more than enough for three people. Topped off with fried plantains and Fizzi Pomplemouse (grapefruit soda), I could not ask for much more.

Wish there was something more to report or some great stories, but it is really ‘life as normal in Cotonou.’ Maybe there will be something good after a visit to a new village this afternoon…

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  1. Hey sister, i’m glad to hear you made it there safely. enjoy the warm weather…it’s convenient that you chose to miss the cold weather here!…smart one! Hope the rest of your trip goes well…we’re thinking of you and praying for you, and we love you!
    -Esther and Chris 🙂

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