bénin from a distance

I don’t know if anyone is checking this blog anymore, but I thought I would post what I intended to a week ago just in case someone is.

I am slowly getting into the swing of things here, but it is an adjustment. Life is different here. It doesn’t seem to get dark until after 9pm. I sit at a desk most of the week in front of a computer. I am back in the pool swimming again. The sky is filled with light pollution and the AC chills most rooms. The list goes on…There are pluses and minuses to each location.

On the plane back from Bénin I was already missing parts of village life, and in response to the question of why I love life I in a small village in West Africa, I wrote the following:

Life can be stressful, everything going wrong, but I can always step outside at night to be awed by a night with no light pollution. I can sit in Martine’s kitchen, I can grab a few kids to play with, and I can tease Felicité about showering. I laugh and I play. There is release—release that is enabled by the purity of the land and the simplicity of the people. I think Africa is in my blood.

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