what do you want?

Last weekend I was up visiting friends in South Bend and was adamantly told by one that I needed to get the book list back up–asap if possible. I promised her that was in the plans, though it might take a different format (maybe this time I’ll tell you if the book is worth reading or warn you if the book was complete beach trash). That’s when I realized that you (the grand plural you that we do not have a word for in English) might have an opinion about something you do or don’t want, or styles that you do or do not like for this website. This is your chance. All I can promise is that I will consider what you suggest, but that I do promise. So if you have a preference, an inkling, or something that always makes you smile, tell me in a comment!

3 Replies to “what do you want?”

  1. I like the tag idea — can it be more of a tag cloud — not so linear? Those are probably too static once they are created. And why are all your posts by “admin?” Those are the minor suggestions on what is quite the impressive blog layout.

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