cotonou again

Hi all.

I am in Cotonou again, though am about to leave, so looks like I will be able to keep this trip to about 24 hrs. Had to get a few medical things sorted out for the ‘ulcer girl’ (UG), which I believe are presently sorted out. Hopefully new meds will do the trick and she will be full of energy even after eating in a couple of days.

Besides that, things are going well. The first training went well, and we were treated to a fantastic meal cooked by people in the training the last day. A feast: rice and red sauce, black beans, boiled egg, some fish, and a piece of bread. I practically had to be rolled out of there, especially after helping UG finish some of here meal too!

If all works out, I will have a story about popcorn for you in a couple of day…

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  1. Spammy! Just filled in my calendar and realized you will be here soon! Hoorah!

    Love you, be safe.

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