a new season has begun

Each season has iconic things that signify the changing of the season; in the spring, there are daffodils and spring flowers, and in the fall there are leaves that turn brilliant reds and yellows. In my life, a new season has begun, but instead of daffodils and changing leaves, the physical sign of this new season is a ring I now wear.

When I met Ben last year, I had no idea that a great adventure lay ahead of us. Since we met, the conversation that started over Thai food one night has continued while hiking hills, walking beaches, cooking dinners, and over many a meal. We discovered that we love to laugh and be together. In Ben, I have found an amazing man; his presence makes my life much richer. I am excited, even giddy, to be sharing the news of our engagement.


I am so very grateful for this new season – it is full of life and colors and new beginnings. It is full of dreams and possibilities and hope. It is a beautiful season indeed.

engaged sunset

5 Replies to “a new season has begun”

  1. Congratulations Pam & Ben. This is really exciting news and we wish you all the best in this next season!

    – The Narducci’s

  2. I’m so happy for you, Pam. If you are crazy about Ben then he must be one great guy. Here’s to an amazing new life for you two.


  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Pam We are so happy and excited for you as you enter this new phase of your life. Many blessings on you both.

  4. Thank you Katie! Yes, Ben is a great guy. I hope you get to meet him sometime!

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