a few thoughts on gratitude

Gratitude is a choice. You cannot be both grateful and resentful, both grateful and judgement, both grateful and fearful. Gratitude is the response to grace. 

These were the thoughts that welcomed the start of my Thanksgiving holiday at an ecumenical service. I am so grateful that was how these last few days began. Gratitude is a response and a choice, and it is truly amazing how it changes one’s perspective. Do you know what you are truly grateful for today? As I sit by my fire with Christmas music playing in the background, I thought I would share a few things that I am grateful for today.


I am grateful when churches put aside their preferences and choose to worship together.

I am grateful for getting to know extended family, sharing meals, and making memories.

I am grateful for new friends and for rich laughter.

I am grateful to be welcoming the advent season with others in great anticipation of celebrations to come.

I am grateful for hot apple cider and full tables.

I am grateful for this house, how it is becoming a home and welcoming others.

I am grateful for time to be creative and time to be in nature; both food for my soul.

I am grateful because I love a God who delights in beauty, who loves His children.

I hope that your Thanksgiving was full of richness. I hope that you are full of gratitude tonight.


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