a christmas gift alternative & homemade thank-you’s

Everywhere I turn I am reminded that Black Friday is days away. Take a minute and think about doing something different this year – something that does not require early wake-ups, crazy crowds, or lots of decision making. For those of you that love shopping, think about the lasting impact this gift could make – these colors will never go out of style.

This year help get rid of water borne diseases in communities through water and sanitation development. It’s simple: buy a full item or a share (of something cool like a well or a latrine or a tank of fuel), a t-shirt, or simply donate a few dollars for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Go HERE on the Lifewater website to read more about the options of how you could help.

Make This Christmas Count from Lifewater International on Vimeo.


Here is my extra little deal for you: If you let me know that you bought an item or donated between now and Christmas (by posting a comment or sending me an email), I will send you and the person you bought the gift for a thank you note on one of my (personally) homemade Christmas cards. Just a little thank you from me — I truly know the difference this work makes, and I would love for you to join in this story with me.

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