moments of peace without the power


As I was sitting at my table last week, the power went out. First there was a brown out and then it was gone. As I sat in the darkness, these thoughts ran through my mind, “I am in America where we do not pre-pay for electricity so no problems with that, so then it is time to check the neighborhood and see if it is more than me.” As I walked out my door, I was met with silence and darkness; the power was out for the time being. In that moment, rather than calling the power company to find out what happened, I realized that my soul gave a sigh of happiness and I was content to enjoy the dark.

The windows were open and the cool night air filled the house. I found my headlamp on my dresser and lit a few candles that cast a soft glow around my home. There was a drizzle coming down outside and I heard the soft drops of rain from time to time as I picked up a book to read. I could prep some emails or do some work as my laptop was charged, but that was not how I wanted to fill those magical moments. Instead, I wanted to feel the peace and capture the quiet. How many times have I cooked by candlelight, read by headlamp, or showered in the dark? It brings back a flood of memories, most of them happy memories, nearly all filled with a sense of adventure. I love that without power the noise of modernity goes away and nature speaks a little louder. I love the soft glow it casts on the hours.

An inconvenience to some, the power outage was a silent and perfect gift for me that Sunday evening.

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  1. Yeah, during the power outage, 5 people sat on our couch by cnadlelight and used our iphones, still connected to the internet. :/ I did ask, if this was the last power in our devices, ever, would what we’re doing on them be worth it. 4 out of 5 of us turned off our device… and watched funny videos on our Italian Exchange Student’s laptop.

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