hydra: a greek island vacation

It was an outstanding vacation. Eight uninterupted days on Hydra – a Greek island with no cars (but plenty of donkeys) with some of my awesome family. I am not sure when I last took a true break – so long and far from communication that I could truly unplug and forget about life off the island. We slept late, ate great food, swam in crystal clear water, hiked hills, saw monasteries, ‘discovered’ hidden beaches, read books, and played games. In a later post, I will share a few ‘how to’ tips in case you decide this island is for you. For now, a photo journal. If you want more great photos of the city (and a humorous account of the low water pressure, check out Lauren’s blog).

First, meet my fellow vacation peeps: Lar, Matt, Mom & Dad. Awesome company. And that is part of the city / port of Hydra.

Let’s start with the town. Exactly what I imagined a Greek island town to look like: whitewashed walls everywhere, blue shutters, red tile roofs, winding paths, and bougainvillea (vine with magenta flowers in this photo).

A restaurant in waiting. Not even trying to be picture perfect.

I wonder when this lantern was last used.

The city of Hydra from above. You are either walking up or down in the town (and around the island). Other islands can be seen in the distance.

On our walks, we came across other ports – the ports of the local fishermen. I love how old boats tell stories with their worn wood and peeling paint.

My hiking companions. Hot and sweaty, but loving the adventure (and dreaming of the swim to come).

One day we hiked over the island and back down to this hidden beach, which we had entirely to ourselves.

Another day the whole crew hiked to the top of the island (just more than 500 meters) to catch the view for miles around.

This was the view from the top. It felt like we were on top of the world.

On our hikes we saw ancient, gnarled olive trees.

And we saw desert flowers in bloom.

And we visited old churches with beautiful ceilings.

And we met donkeys, the island’s transport system.

I promise we did more than hike – we also cooled off in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island.

There was incredible food – here a massive piece of baklava. 2 pieces shared amongst 5 and we were all in sugar comas. Not pictured were the fresh peaches, figs, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fresh fruit that was simply divine. Or the food we made or the food we ate out. So good. And the feta. Yummmy.

I mentioned that we ‘made’ food. We love to cook and this was our view every night: sunset followed by the city lights from our house on a hill. Would you go out ever night if you could have this?

Today I leave you with this photo – of an alternative boat dock. Just one of so many hidden gems on Hydra.



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