there is an orchestra in the congo?!

Posted by pamela on Jun. 14, 12 | 1 COMMENT

There are all sorts of spectacular ways I thought of starting this entry, but really what is much more spectacular than saying: There is an orchestra in the Congo and it is good. Take a few minutes to watch this video – it gives a bit of the background and I believe you will be truly inspired, even if you do not like classical music. It is a story about people defying the odds and persevering. It is about beauty. It brought tears to my eyes. And it made me want to fly to the Congo.

I am dreaming of when I will next hear classical music performed live, preferably a full orchestra. May it be sooner than I imagine.

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  1. Alyssa Says:

    I saw this when it aired on 60 Minutes a few months back. Such an inspiring story!

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