the light is out

My kitchen light has been out for about a week now. In this kitchen of mine, there is exactly one lightbulb – a florescent tube. In so many ways, this is not what I would have chosen, but it is what I have. It worked great until the day I thought the light bulb burned out.

I had no spare bulbs (is it actually called a light tube?) in my pantry. It was a busy week, and I did not feel like carving out the time to run to town to get a bulb because nearly everything takes longer than anticipated. At night I used a candle or headlamp as needed in the kitchen. Somehow this seemed neither surprising or particularly frustrating.

On Saturday, I got a bulb plus a few extras for future use. Then on Sunday my housemate and I tried to change the bulb which included standing on a not particularly stable table and hoping the light switch was off because the wiring is a far from perfect 220V.

New lightbulb in and it still doesn’t work. Part of the end of the fixture looks sketchy and rusty. Did we not do it correctly (how does one mess this up)? Or maybe the fixture is simply busted. Now it is Tuesday night and those candles and headlamps continue to work well. It is just another day. I guess it is time to break down and call our handyman. I’m sure I will do that sometime later this week…

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  1. Could you please come and be my handyman? Not only would things get fixed, but I would understand what the problem actually was.

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