i am moving to rwanda

I am moving to Rwanda. The final decision was made last Thursday, and I celebrated with drinks and games (I kid you not – I love board games and card games), and announced it to the world on twitter. I said there would be more details this week, and so here I am getting ready to share a few thoughts.

But, what I really want to do is to go back to that discussion on toilets and dignity. You see, there is this great article titled, “Donor aversion to ‘unsexy’ water projects threatens development goal.” It is all about the sanitation goal to halve the number of people without access to basic sanitation by 2015 and how that goal will not be met because sanitation is not sexy. But, I guess the article is written, and you can read it, so I shall get back to Rwanda. Just know I will return to toilets again in the future.

I will be moving to Rwanda in October to do my current job with Blood:Water Mission while based in Africa. The idea is that this will save me a lot of hop-skipping-and-jumping over that small pond called the Atlantic Ocean. It should also prevent days being lost to jet leg and hopefully I will get to be home (my new home) a bit more on the weekends while getting to be with our amazing African partners even more. For you dear readers, this means more stories and pictures from Africa.

I have started to think about the move. Part of me wants to say much more right now, but I need a chance to think, to process. And then I will share. You see, transitions are not easy. They are hard and difficult and beautiful too. They are stories of living, of goodbyes, of helloes, of the past and of the future. It all gets jumbled up and sometimes it is hard to sort out. And that will very much be where I am for the next while.

Right now, I know that I ordered a some fun bowls and plates to take to Rwanda. Yellow and purple, they are bright and happy, just what I imagine my future kitchen to be.


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  1. I understand the need to process. There is so much involved in transitions, especially a move like this. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this time. I look forward to seeing photos of your bright and happy kitchen in Rwanda.

  2. Pam! Welcome back to expat life. It’s wonderful to read your blog and keep up on what’s going on with you. Hope that the transition is a relatively stress free one….

  3. Thanks for the hopes on the transition… that is my hope too. We will see what happens in reality. I hope your state-side travels are treating you well this summer!

  4. Pam, I’m so excited we’ll be in almost the same time zone still (two hours off, instead of the one hour ATL/Nashville difference).
    I hope you can come visit us and we would definitely love to come visit you lots n lots!
    ps- Love the last post you did on sanitation. How much of what you do with BW is about sanitation/toilets (versus clean, running water)?

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