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Tonight was a much longer night than anticipated. Barak and I headed to the airport at 3pm to pick up a Rwandese partner arriving for the training who also happens to speak perfect French. We got some coffee and took her back to airport with us to pick up the 4 person team from the Central African Republic just in case there were problems and we needed someone to help who spoke more than bush French. After the team did not appear more than an hour after their plane landed, information contacted immigration, and found their was a problem. Here is the story as told by Barak’s tweets (I was texting him while inside):

“Friends from CAR are detained by immigration at Kenyatta Airport. The intrepid @pamthenomad and Claudette have just been swallowed by the abyss of airport bureaucracy in an effort to rescue them. Will our heroes succeed?!? Stay tuned.”

“Sweet. Now @pamthenomad is apparently being accused by immigration of being in violation of her visa. Are they doomed!?!?”

“After 2.5 hours of being chewed, digested and processed @pamthenomad, 4 central Africans and 1 Rwandese have been excreted from the bowels of the Nairobi airport – weary and worn, but thankfully legal.”

“Oh, but minus 1 bag.”

Barak did not mention the texts to Tennessee for phone numbers, the legal lecture I was given, or the follow up to happen this week. Or that this all started because one African nation stopped issuing passports, only travel papers, while another African nation has not decided to recognize said travel papers. If you did not catch that sentence, read it again, and think about it. Yes, I too am clueless as to why a country would decide to stop issuing passports. Clueless.

So glad I fueled up with good Ethiopian food at lunch. Just another day in the life of @pamthenomad.

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  1. Why, you ask “did one African nation stop issuing passports?”…because they ran out of passport paper and couldn’t afford more…or so the story goes. Now that’s a classic case of an “undeveloped” nation.

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