60 hikes within 60 miles

A few weekends ago I found a treasure while chilling in a bookstore, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Nashville. Ironically, I was in the bookstore with friends precisely because the weather was blustery and we needed to get out of the house so as to not feel like caged animals. I hesitated in buying the book, but my friend wisely asked why I was hesitating (aka: a mental kick). Last weekend was the first use of the book – a beautiful 6 mile hike off of the Natchez Trace. We had the trail to ourselves as we hiked through forest and beside a stream (where we caught a turtle). Then we sat on the top of a hill where we spent hours reading in a hammock. In a day, this book became a favorite. I do not think that there is anything revolutionary in the book, but it takes away the excuse, or makes easy, the quick escape into nature. In the future, I shall hunt for such a book when I move to a new city.



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