my brother married the lovely lauren

This time a week ago, I was surrounded by family and friends as we celebrated my brother’s marriage to Lauren. It was a non-traditional wedding filled with thought, intention, and creativity. Which should surprise no-one who knows the two of them: bio-electrical engineer and graphic designer who both love being surrounded by family.

The weekend began with a small rehearsal followed by a lovely dinner at a Decatur steak house. The most mentionable point here is that this dinner was the only event not held at Lauren’s parent’s house (though yes, in case you were wondering, the food was excellent). The wedding (and rehearsal) was in their small library and the reception in their grand room.

The wedding was home grown, whimsical, lovely, and perfect. The house was decorated, or I should say, the stage was set, by Lauren. Everything was dreamt and created by hand – elegance meets whimsical. Remember I mentioned non-traditional? Matt had a best-man (Chris, my brother) and a grooms-maid (me), and Lauren had a maid-of-honor (Cath, her twin sister) and a brides-man (Nate, good friend). My mother performed the ceremony. The total wedding party consisted of 20 people – the people they celebrate holidays with. All people I readily hug rather than shake hands with.

Appetizers? Middle Eastern fare and martinis. Dinner? Southern barbecue complete with home-made bibs to protect our wedding attire. The beer was brewed by my brothers and made elegant by Lauren’s special labels. The cake was made by dear friend Elizabeth and was divine. The party favors were home-made pop tarts. There were brilliant toasts by the maid-of-honor and best-man. Matt & Lauren got married and our families happily grew. That was the wedding in a nutshell.

I wish I had brilliant photos to share with you, but I was in the wedding and loved celebrating every minute of it. You can see more photos at Lar & Cath’s website or on the photographer’s blog. If any family photo’s come in, I promise to share them with you in the coming weeks. For now, I am going to go sleep under my mosquito net in Northern Uganda.

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