beach vacation: wataumu village

When our plans began, we were going to meet up in Port Sudan for some diving. But yours truly was unable to get a visa to Sudan. Thankfully, I have flexible parents and our little diving trip was moved to Kenya. And that is why, after two weeks of work in Rwanda I met my parents on the Kenyan coast.

It was a classic Crane vacation. A small resort/guesthouse, narrow streets,  testing little restaurants, books for everyone, plenty of ocean time, and smiles all around. Here are few photos that tell some of the story of our time in Watamu.

Marijani Holiday Resort is where we stayed. Simple, clean rooms. Beautiful garden. Excellent breakfast. Located in town a block from the beach.

This is the road that goes in front of where we stayed. A beautifully horribly failed project to have drainage below the sand road. Now there is no road. The best part of this picture is the sign on the gate:

Tuk tuk taxis. Need I say more? Definitely increased the fun quality of our time there.

Dive buddies. We have been diving together since I learned when I was 12 years old. (Before that I would watch dad dive and think about when I would be old enough to dive.) We dove with the dive center at Ocean Sports. I highly recommend the operation – definitely the best that I have experienced in Africa. And there is plenty of great wildlife in the marine reserve to make it worth the effort to go diving.

Mother and daughter enjoying a walk on the beach. (Mom is the source of my love of water – we spent some good times bobbing in the water in the afternoons.)

My beautiful parents.

Traditional dhows sailing in after a day of fishing.

The young boy was playing in the surf and then swam out to meet a dhow coming in. Then he grabbed onto his older brother who was holding quite the nice catch. It was such a joy to witness the fun of these brothers.

This little cafe is run by an Italian couple and has outstanding gelato. Their sandwich was also good (which is really important because, although they had a dozen flavors of gelato, there was only one sandwich). They also serve coffee and croissants if you need a caffeine jolt.

This is the lovely mama that my mom bought mangoes from. Mangoes that were absolutely divine and no bargaining required.

All of that to say: Watamu Village is a great place for a chill vacation. Highly recommended.

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  1. YAY! I didn’t know you ended up going to Watamu! My absolute favorite, and we totally stayed at the Marijani and made dinner every night on the upstairs balcony! So wonderful!

  2. I love how small the world really is. The original place we were going to stay was booked, and so we ended up finding Marijai. It worked out perfectly-in town and chill in the evening, and we got the best dive shop around and chilled on that beach all day.

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