on the road again

This post finds me on the road again – sitting in the Atlanta airport on my first Africa trip of 2011. Last night I had a most fantastic burger with a side of laughter with friends. (If you have never had a burger in Africa, all I can say is that they do not measure up. At all.)  I am headed to Rwanda for two weeks and then a couple of days of vacation on the Kenya coast. You will be hearing more about what is going on in Rwanda next week, so I wanted to provide a short update on the cave adventure that isn’t.

Remember all the talk about the cave adventure in March? (See previous post.) It was going to be a grand, crazy adventure into the second largest cave in the United States. We hunted for it and were training for it. But it is no more – at least not for now. Ends up that the cave has actually been closed for the last one and a half years due to white nose syndrome, and they just decided to keep it closed until May at which point they will reevaluate. (If you have not heard about it, it is worth reading about because lots and lots of bats are dying. Check out this link.) No sign was posted, so we had no clue when we went into the cave last. But, now we know. As a scientist, I have to support the decision.

I guess it means that it is time to cook up another grand adventure. Or two. For now I am off to Rwanda to live a quiet life in a quiet city for two weeks.

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