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Somehow in the midst of all the fall and winter holiday goodness I have yet to post about Thanksgiving with the family. As our family grows, I continue to be thankful and blessed when we can all be together. And together we were for Thanksgiving. We gathered in Atlanta where both of my brothers now live, my parents flew in from Sudan, and a few friends who are like family joined us too. We always seem to fill every bed available plus a few extras.

This was one of those great holidays where I was able to simply take the time to be. To be present with loved ones. The brothers did an amazing job of organizing things – they both created the food menu and did much of the cooking, as well as figuring out the sleeping situations. Though I am always happy to help or to fill these roles, it is awesome to see responsibilities changing hands as we each continue to grow.

My camera was only pulled out for a photo shoot with my amazing nephew, Liam, as orchestrated by the wonderful Lauren Lee. You can check that out here. I do wish I had a few pictures of Thanksgiving as Mama Lee (Lauren’s mom) orchestrated what will likely be my most elegant Thanksgiving meal ever – delicious and lovely to the last bite. These are two photos my mom took that I simply have to share. Liam decided he was hot and so stripped down to his diaper for Thanksgiving. I love that there is an age where this works! The second is a slightly out of focus and yet wonderful family photo. This Christmas we will be in three rather different locations, and so this is a beautiful reminder of family as Christmas travels begin. I hope that you will be with loved ones for Christmas.

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