a PUR demo

It is 5:30am, and we hit the road in an hour – a few stops in Mombasa to see some projects and then flying to Kisumu this afternoon via Nairobi. I still need to pack, dress, and eat breakfast, but I wanted to share at least something with you from yesterday.

These are two photos of Christine – she was kind enough to take us to her water source (a pond) and then do a demonstration of how she uses PUR packets to purify her drinking water. It was awesome to see the PUR change dirty, cloudy, contaminated water into clear, safe water. I will explain more of how it works at a later point in time, but check out the clear water in the second photo – the particles are now clumped together to be large enough that a cloth can filter them out.

My favorite part of this demo was when Christine said, “Before using PUR I could not finish one week without a child having diarrhea.” Safe water transforms lives.

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