caught in-between

Written in Detroit on Tuesday:

This is one of those in-between weeks – I am in America for just a week between two very different trips to Africa. My mind is both here and there. My body is not sure of the time zone. Emails are flying between the continents. I am trying to bring closure to conversations from the last trip, live here in community with friends, and prepare for the next trip. This is the part of living a traveling life that is not regularly discussed. It is the part that finds me in need of a shower, clean clothes and my bed, but instead receiving an 8 hour layover in Detroit, electricity and caffeine. I love what I do, but the in-betweens are always interesting times.

Written today:

So thankful for a few days of friends and fellowship. This weekend I will be headed to a remote area with friends driving and flying in. It is an incredible blessing to be able to do this in a season filled with busy schedules and much travel. Next week I will be back on the road with Changents and P&G as a part of my Blogivation win. Although the entire trip will be less than a week, I am excited about seeing new programs and meeting with different organization. So, be prepared to hear a lot more about this trip and the new opportunity to help provide PUR packets to purify water to people who need safe water around the world.

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