satellite connection….

Technology….some days I would love to simply chuck it all out of a very tall building. Then I would not have to lug it around or spend much time and energy making it all happy. Then there are other times, times like this, when it finally all works, and I can say hello. Hopefully it will continue to work sans problems for the remainder of the summer….

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  1. Ahh, but it’s fun too. Do you have a gps? You better! If so, you could post the waypoints on this blog (at least, and maybe a track or 2) of where you are so we could see where in world Benin is…I mean, where you are in Benin.

  2. Pam, for hating Napoleon so much, you really ought to memorize the song Kip sings at his wedding: “I still love technology / not as much as you, you see, / but I still do love technology / always and forever / always and forever.”

    I also hope you can read these comments when you get to the café. They’re pretty funny.

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