lunch at kiambethu tea farm

One of the things about traveling for work is that there are few down-days or days when I can just soak life in without my subconscious ticking through my to-do list. I love those quiet times, and that is what Kiambethu Tea Farm offered me yesterday.

Kiambethu Tea Farm is located on Banana Hill about 45 minutes outside of Nairobi. It was the first farm to start growing tea, and you can feel history everywhere you walk. Marcus and Fiona, granddaughter of the original farmer, live in the farm house and invite people into their home for a tour and lunch each Saturday. The tour starts with an explanation of the tea growing and production process and the history of the farm. After a short walk through original forest, you have a home-made lunch on the lawn surrounded by beautiful flower gardens. Though the farm is a fraction of its original size, there are still 2 acres of tea, a number of cows, chickens, and an extensive vegetable garden; these are the source of nearly everything you eat and drink while on the farm.

If you are traveling in Kenya, you should carve out some time for a Saturday lunch tour at the Kiambethu Tea Farm. You will be well rewarded for doing so.

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