fighting alongside africans for safe water

I have signed up to participate in the Clean Water Blogivation campaign. If my blog receives the most votes, I will win an opportunity to join Dr. Greg Allgood on a clean water expedition to Africa and a $15,000 donation to my favorite charity (Blood:Water Mission) tackling water issues.

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Thank you for voting! Your voice was heard and my blog won! Official announcement and more coming on September 30. Stay tuned…

When I ten years old, I lost 10 pounds in 10 days because I was incapable of keeping fluids in, compliments of giardia, a diarrheal disease. When I learned to camp on the Sinai, my family planned and packed every drop of water we would use.

I have long chosen to fight for water. I choose to do so because as a child it was a reality and I believed a place where I could make a difference. My passion first took me through three degrees and field academic research in Haiti and West Africa, all focused on water. I began to work alongside Africans serving as a consultant and a friend rather than a leader or boss something I continue to strive to do.

Now I fight for water through my work with Blood:Water Mission where I am the Africa Field Manager. We have amazing partners in Sub-Saharan Africa who address the water crisis through sustainable community development. I help them build out their programs, challenging them towards excellence in community development through many long conversations and field visits. I capture their stories through words, photos, and video for our fundraisers and advocates who give generously of their time, effort, and money to make it all possible.

If someone told you that nearly a billion people lack access to safe water, would you understand that number? I would not. The most recent number from the World Health Organization is actually 900 million people. I could try to help you understand what 900 million is, but it is too big and abstract. What is not too big and abstract is one person’s story. One story through words or photo or video and the number is real. This is what I do; the number becomes real and suddenly both you and I have a reason to fight.

This website is where I share my journey through life. It is the meeting place of where I fight for water, fight to make the numbers become people, and where I simply live. It is a journey that I hope you find enough value in to follow from time to time. I have not filled this post with stats and stories and photos. I do not need to because this whole blog is filled with them in the context of people’s stories.

Between now and November I will be spending 8 weeks in Africa blogging all along the way. I invite you to join that journey. You will learn more along the way and, I hope, the numbers will become real through story.

Please vote for me so that I can give $15,000 to Blood:Water Mission’s water work in Africa. Why them you ask? Because they choose to walk alongside African partners and to dignify individuals through sharing stories of hope rather than despair. Because, through their African partners, people’s water situation is being changed every day – one person, one story at a time.

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  1. Thanks everyone for the incredible support. We are just waiting for P&G and Change Agents to verify the votes, and then there will be an announcement. We are hoping that it will take less than a week. I will keep you posted!

  2. I’m humbled to think that I’m helping others across the world drink the water I take for granted daily here in America. My prayers are with you as you continue to make a difference! God Bless!

  3. Hello! It’s so sad to see so many unfortunate countries across the globe that don’t have access to clean water on a daily basis. Especially when we here in America use water like it’s nothing. Keep up the great work, and I commend you for your efforts!

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