a marsabit video in the making

Remember when I was last in Marsabit, Northern Kenya? One of the things I did while I was there was take my first plunge into the world of video while I was in the village of Larachi, where this and this photo were taken. In all honesty, I had no idea how well or how poorly I was capturing the story, the people or the scenery, and felt rather uninspired as it seemed there was little artistic control over what I was doing. And then I saw the first draft of the short (3 min) video that is being made from the footage. Exciting. I am hopeful that the video will be out by the time I head to Africa again (August 16) so that you can see it, but no promises.

For now, a photo of me with the women and children captured in the video (I am holding the little camera that shoots HD with the furry mic that everyone thought hilarious). Plus we can all start to get excited over the video that will be made from footage I took in Uganda on the last trip. And I can look forward to capturing more fun on my coming trips! Oh happy day.

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