should i post the books i read?

From my lack of posting about books in the last six months, you would think that I have stopped reading. While I always believe that there is more reading than I make the time for, plenty of good books have been read. Just yesterday I finished West With the Night by Beryl Markham. This was her memoir spanning her childhood in Kenya to when she completes the first solo nonstop flight over the Atlantic Ocean from east to west. Her story includes hunting with the Masai warriors, training and racing horses, and spotting elephant herds for safaris by plane. She finishes the book as she is on a ship back to Kenya and I love the imagery she closes with:

“And so the little freighter sat upon the sea, and, though Africa came closer day by day, the freighter never moved. She was old and weather-weary, and she had learned to let the world come round to her.”

And now that we have established that I have in fact been reading these last months, this is the question I have for you: Do you care? If you do care, what do you want to know? For some reason, it seems nearly impossible for me to keep up with a short post about every book I read. But maybe I should learn to do so. What about the old running list of what I read? Please voice opinions to help me figure out what to do.

Right now I am going to curl up with Louis L’Amour’s The Walking Drum

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  1. Yes, post in any way that tickles your fancy. When I go to someone’s home I always check out their library shelf. You are a little far away so a posting is delightful to me.

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