where in the world?

Do you remember the book series Where’s Waldo? I am fairly certain that my family never owned one of the books, but I certainly ‘read’ or ‘played’ them with friends. I must have been a book elitist in my early years as I remember being baffled by the concept that this book, which was really a game in my mind, could be called a book. It was like a regression to early reader books where the sentences are short and the pages filled with pictures.

In case you never had a chance to play a Where’s Waldo book, the pages are filled with detailed drawings and Waldo, always dressed in a red and white striped shirt, is hidden somewhere on the page. Waldo gets to cities and famous landmarks across the world, so I guess there is something educational about it.

When I returned from Tanzania this spring a friend told me that she would ask the question, “Where in the world is Pamela C.?” before checking my blog. I wish I could capture the way she told me this as it made me laugh and feel like I was Waldo. If I was, what would be my red and white striped shirt? Maybe my white skin and red hair, or maybe I would be well served to find an iconic shirt to always pack in my travel bag. Let me know if you have a thought on this.

Regardless, this friend has inspired an addition to my blog. ‘where: in the world’ will be updates on the go…little bits and pieces of where I am and what I am up to. If you want, you can pretend that I am in a red and white stripped shirt, or whatever other iconic shirt you so desire.

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  1. Clever idea those there “where in the world” Good to get an update of your happenings.


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