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I love to play games. And when I was on vacation last week my eyes were opened up to the glory of a whole new realm of games. In the midst of spending time by and in the the lake, reading good books, and having great conversations, Renee, Kylie and I played games. We played them after breakfast, over lunch, and with drinks in the evening. It was awesome to be introduced to new games and I am looking forward to adding some  to my collection in the coming months. Since I own Rummikub & Carcassone, I think my next purchase will be Small World or Voltage for the next family rendezvous. Though I am not going to spend the time or space to review each of them, I am linking each to their profile page on Board Game Geek so that you can read more and hopefully be inspired to play a new game. Most of these are the cost of 2-3 DVDs or dinner at a restaurant for 1-2 people… think of how much more fun and interaction with friends you would get out of owning these games.

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  1. Enjoyed reading more about these games. I have played Rummikub also. I saved this page on my computer so when i get around to buying some more games I will revisit these. Shazamm and Small World look interesting to me! Games are great entertainment activity to do while meeting new people and enjoying old friends. And I’ve decided to have some new games on hand when younger family members come to visit. Two computer games I have enjoyed are MYST and Journey of Wild Divine. WD uses something called a light stone with biofeedback sensors hocked up to measure your heart rate and skin temp. You can only advance in the adventure if you are doing the correct breath for the particular challenge.

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