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Sometimes life is predictable, and the rest of the time it brings the unknown. I find that most of my life is found in the unknown – a place filled with adventures and new beginnings around every corner. Last week life served me a pile of lemons. As I write this I sit watching sailboats bob in a harbor with chai in hand, and I cannot help but think that I have done a great job of making lemonade from lemons. And so, while I am turning a corner, here are some of the adventures that I have had – I heartily endorse this region and these places if you are so inclined to make your own adventure.

(Pictures were captured with my small Canon PowerShot SD 1000 that fits into my purse or back pocket – perfect for travel and spontaneous adventures, though less than perfect in doing what I ask of it….)

hiking snohomish county

This trip Heather loaned me Hiking Snohomish County by Ken Wilcox – an excellent, small book filled with hikes and day adventures North of Seattle. One day found me and my brother Matt hiking Boulder River and another day I did a solo hike to Wallace Falls. Both could be longer hikes, but I made them mild 6 and 5 mile hikes without too much elevation change. The scenery on both hikes was stunning and hiking alongside rivers and waterfalls filled my ears and mind with sounds of rushing water. The book has over 100 other hikes – this is a region that could fill weeks of fun!

whidbey island

We decided to take the long way from Arlington to Seattle – we drove North,West, and then South. This took us over Deception Pass, down Whidbey Island and required a ferry crossing from Clinton to Mukilteo. We had the perfect Seattle day that makes people forget about the long, grey winters: 75 degrees, blue skies, and warm sun. With the sun roof open, we drove through incredibly beautiful country, saw the water, and stopped at lookouts along the way. If you take just one trip to this region, make sure that you find yourself on a ferry – there is something magical about taking a car from one piece of land to another, and standing at the front of the ferry is a most spectacular bonus.


Ballard is North of downtown Seattle and is filled goodness. Somehow all of the pictures I took here were on my iphone, but trust me, a good place to explore. Cute shops, multiple locations to get authentic Pho soup, a most awesome cupcake and coffee shop, a jewelry shop, and an old, beautifully restored, small movie theater. My wallet appreciates that I do not live next to these streets.

small town pacific northwest

There are an impressive number of cute small towns to explore in this region – I explored Arlington and Bellingham. Alrington’s cafe selection is nothing special, but I could not have asked for better breakfast diners – just be sure to split your plate with someone or you will be embarrassed by how much food is thrown away. And, I just happened to be in Arlington during their car show – the best of which was a car that also served as a boat. The smiling old owner happily turned on the propellers for the children (and me) to oh and ah over. As for Bellingham, their old historic district, Fairhaven, is worth your time to visit. Cute shops (Arabella), a fantastic independent bookstore (Village Books), fish & chips sold out of a bus, and a coffee shop overlooking the water with big windows (Woods Coffee)- what more could you possibly ask for? A view of the water? They have that too.

flying a kite

The first day of this trip, I bought a kite that I hoped to fly in a park, a city, or by the ocean – anywhere. But every time I took it out of the car, the wind would suddenly stand still. Until this afternoon. And now I feel justified for having Marry Poppin’s “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” running through my head…

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  1. Great pictures! Oh how I miss the Northwest. Did I ever tell you that I spent a summer on Whidbey Island? It was fun and beautiful!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! I think you did tell me about spending a summer on Widbey Island, but now I have context to understand how great that would be. Good times!

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