My parentals, friends of the parentals with two little kids, an old friend (pww), and I met on the fabled spice island of Zanzibar for a fun weekend in the sun.

The weekend began with espresso.

We had our own house on the hill above the beach, but it is the streets of Stone Town that we wandered. Narrow streets. Old stone buildings. Carved doors. Hanging lanterns.

Cane juice. Add a little lime and fresh ginger and you have a drink that is so good it is addictive.

Kikois that are still made by hand. We were told that a good weaver could weave up to 20 yards of fabric a day.

Good food. What else is there to say?

Photos that I don’t have: SCUBA diving on the northeast coast. Swimming in the ocean. Hammock between two trees. Playing Candyland with the kids.

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