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My name is Pamela Crane. I was born in Africa, raised in the Middle East and South Pacific before returning to the United States for university. I am a hydrologist and community development practitioner. This is my personal blog where I talk about my diverse passions, my life and  my travels. It is a piece of where I am.


official bio

Pamela E. Crane, PhD, is the Director of  Programs at Lifewater International. Lifewater is a US-based nonprofit focused on preventing disease and creating hope through innovative solutions to the water, sanitation and hygiene problems of the developing world. Lifewater works through national organizations that are most equipeed to empower communities and transform regions. Pamela leads a team of dedicated community development and WASH practitioners who have a passion for serving communities and creating last changing. Pamela brings to her work a belief in unique solutions, multiplying impact and the transformative power of hope.

Previously, Crane worked at Blood:Water Mission, a US-based nonprofit with the mission of empowering communities to fight against HIV/AIDS and clean water crises in Africa. From 2008-2013 her work as the Africa Field Manager brought her alongside leaders of non-profits in Sub-saharan Africa implementing water and HIV/AIDS projects that were transforming communities. These projects empowered communities by addressing core issues such as hope and reconciliation while meeting expressed needs by finding the most appropriate technical solution for each situation. During this time, she also led the field efforts to pilot a field office in Kigali, Rwanda. Pamela served on the Engineering Advisory Council at the Fetzer Institute from 2011-2013, which looked at how love and forgiveness are expressed through different disciplines.

Pamela is an award winning blogger and her photography is used in social media campaigns. She is regularly invited to conferences and universities to lecture. She holds a BS in Environmental Biology from Taylor University, a MS in Environmental Geology and a PhD in Water Resources, both from the University of Notre Dame. She is published in groundwater and hydrology academic journals.

things i like

water – science – development – education – sustainability – good food – camping – hiking – swimming – SCUBA diving – family – friends – faith – community – cooking – art – photography – crafts – travel  – exploration – g&t’s – africa – the middle east – books



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